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Give your Business a leg up in the race to excellence with Zenith Valet. No matter if your business is big or small, any business can benefit from heightened customer satisfaction. Everyone knows what a hassle it can be to find a parking spot in a crowded parking lot. Zenith Valet services can save your guest time and frustration so they can enjoy their visit. Not just during inclement weather will your customers cherish Zenith Valet services. In addition Zenith Valet parking services will add to your brand image and set you apart from the competition.

Zenith Valet Parking provides parking operations and valet parking services to hotels, resorts, restaurants, hospitals, throughout the United States.


Valet parking does not have to break the bank. We will work together with you to work out the best structure for your need, everywhere from you providing the service at no cost to your customers, to you providing the service and guests paying for the service out of pocket.

In addition to the conventional Valet service we can offer you many facets of Parking Lot Management these are only a few:

  • Event parking
  • Bellman services
  • Doorman service
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Parking Management
  • Greeter
  • Wheelchair assistant
  • Parking lot supervision

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Valet Parking Solutions

Give your customers the experience of luxury with polished, professional valet service.You know what a hassle it can be to find a spot in a crowded parking lot. Valet parking service saves your guests time so they can spend it doing what they came to do: Shopping, dining, visiting a patient or catching a flight. More convenience means a better overall experience for your customers.

Zenith Valet is experienced in providing Five Star, Five Diamond valet service for prestigious establishments. Each employee is trained to meet Five Star and Five Diamond standards in an effort to maintain high ratings for each establishment we serve.

Impress your diners even before they step foot in the door. Our valets treat every customer to the same exceptional Five Star, Five Diamond service. Benefits include increased customer loyalty and maximized parking capacity.

Zenith Valet customizes its valet training program to each hotel so our parking attendants integrate seamlessly into your property. Our valets are cross-trained, making them able to perform a range of duties including doorman, bellman and other transportation duties.

Special events
From small, intimate dinner parties to sold out arenas, our valets are at your service for your next special event. We provide everything from directional attendants and shuttle service to traffic control. Zenith Valet can also customize attendant uniforms to your event.
Shopping malls
Let mall visitors spend less time parking and more time shopping. Improve your retail center’s image with professional valet service. As a part of our parking management services, we’ll also set up an automated system to keep a detailed account of vehicles, charges and more. Our clients enjoy increased revenue tracking and control.

Hospitals & healthcare
When patients and guests visit your hospital, the last thing they want to think about is finding a parking space. Make their visit easier with the convenience of valet parking.

Country clubs
We understand the personal focus and attention to detail that your members and guests require. Getting to know the individual members by name is only the first step Zenith Valet provides in offering a personal, family-oriented approach. Zenith Valet is able to provide parking services for golf tournaments, weddings, fundraisers and other events at your country club.

Restaurant Services


Valet service is the first and last impression you leave with your diners. Zenith Valet goes the extra mile to ensure that each restaurant customer gets the kind of treatment that will have them coming back for more.At Zenith Valet, restaurant valet service is our specialty. Each Zenith Valet has a passion for exceptional customer service and is dedicated to creating the best image for your restaurant.

We partner with many well-known fine dining establishments, and this experience has taught us the importance of seamless integration with the entire restaurant. Zenith Valet tailors valet training to each restaurant, focusing on the unique requirements and atmosphere of the venue.

What are the benefits of contracting a parking management company for your restaurant?

  • No lost revenue due to lack of parking
  • Added customer service and convenience
  • Customer loyalty
  • Improves the image and prestige of the establishment
  • Maximizes parking capacity
Zenith Valet can tailor a valet program to become an extension of your restaurant. With your direction, we’ll customize uniforms, signs, podium, etc. to match the requirements of your establishment. Zenith Valet valets provide a polished, professional look and an upgrade in your restaurant’s customer service.

Our fine-dining clients include:
Eno Vino Wine Bar & Bistro
Biaggi’s Ristorante Italiano
Panera Bread

Parking Deck & Parking Lot Management
Maximize your revenue and keep your parking garage running smoothly with our parking management services. Zenith Valet provides surface lot and parking garage management for municipalities, private owners and property management companies

Parking revenue control
Beyond streamlining parking garage operations, our dedicated team of professionals use the latest parking technology to maximize profits and control revenue for parking deck owners.
Is revenue lagging? Zenith Valet will create a custom parking analysis, researching demographics and competition in your area. We’ll then implement any necessary changes, including new signage, lighting, parking layout, space restructuring and more.With improvements and an effective pay system in place, you’ll increase customer loyalty and traffic to your parking lot or garage.

Professional parking attendants
As with all of our parking services, Zenith Valet employs qualified, highly-trained attendants to manage our client’s parking decks. Our employees truly act as an extension of your property; as such, we continually work to improve customer experience and lot performance.

Hotel Services

For Five Star, Five Diamond hotel valet service, look no further than Zenith Valet. We design custom hotel valet programs, from guest arrival and first impression to check-in and room presentation.
Our professional, polished staff really does make the difference. Each highly-trained valet is dedicated to and passionate about providing the distinguished service your guests expect. Zenith Valet provides the experience needed to set your hotel apart.
Zenith Valet’s hotel valet and parking management services include:
  • Valet parking
  • Hotel event parking
  • Bellman services
  • Doorman services
  • Shuttle transportation
  • Parking deck management
Hotel valet training
Every Zenith Valet manager and trainer has had the honor of completing the Executive Training Program. The program is instructed by a Valet inspector, who teaches our staff the standards upon which each hotel is judged as well as how to meet Five Star, Five Diamond standards, thereby enhancing the image of the hotels we serve.
The Zenith Valet training program also includes On Stage Training, in which we train each employee to consistently play a role, as if he or she were an important part of a Broadway production. Consistency, enthusiasm and passion are key. Zenith Valet trains our staff to use energetic script greetings and to create a seamless transition from front drive service to room presentation, letting hotel management focus on what’s going on inside the hotel — not in the parking lot.
Zenith Valet also ensures that each valet is cross-trained, enabling them to perform a range of duties from valet parking to doorman and bellman services and everything in between.
What the Zenith Valet team can do at your hotel:
  • Work with hotel management to design custom uniforms
  • Revenue control system for vehicle tracking and posting charges to guest folios (this includes overnight, daily and validation rates)
  • Handle large volumes of traffic for special and corporate events at the hotel
  • Implement airport transportation and shuttle services for hotel events
  • Implement a computerized valet parking system to minimize revenue slippage
  • Tailor training program to meet Five Star, Five Diamond standards to capture these prestigious ratings

Special Events

Zenith Valet services add a touch of elegance to any event. From weddings and fundraising events to dinner parties and corporate gatherings, Zenith Valet does it all!
Whether your venue holds 50 or 50,000 people, Zenith Valet can control and manage all of your event traffic. Our experienced valets are able to quickly move large volumes of traffic in a short period of time. From concerts to charitable functions, Zenith Valet has you covered.
Zenith Valet offers the following special event parking services:
  • Valet attendants
  • Greeters
  • Directional attendants
  • Shuttle service
  • Coat check attendants

We understand that our parking attendants are the first and last impression guests will have of your event. Our valets are dedicated to making sure that every memory made is a positive one.

Zenith Valet also provides a large fleet of clean and smoke-free shuttle vans, SUVs, buses and sedans to transport event guests to and from any off-site location you request.
Our transportation service fleet includes:
  • liVans: 15 passenger capacity
  • Buses: 20 passenger capacity
  • Sedan: 3 passenger capacity
  • SUV: 5 passenger capacity

(Find additional details about our fleet on our website. Zenith Valet is able to customize our uniform to suit to any event. We also include signs, key boxes, tickets, radios and all other necessary equipment for the management of a successful event.

Shopping Malls & Retail Centers


Any shopper that has navigated a crowded mall parking lot knows the stress it can cause. Don’t lose revenue to frustrated customers — set your retail center apart with professional valet parking services from Zenith Valet.

Zenith Valet’s broad spectrum of valet services offers your customers convenience and security and lets them forget about the hassle of finding a parking space and focus on what they came to do in the first place: Shop!
Revenue tracking & control
Zenith Valet doesn’t just provide professional parking attendants and valet parking services for your mall — we also create effective revenue tracking and control programs. With our parking deck management services and validation programs, shopping centers can turn their parking program into a valuable revenue generator.

Parking management customized to your needs
A professionally-managed parking deck will help you create a loyal base of satisfied, repeat customers. Zenith Valet attendants work hard to make every customer feel like they are our most important one.We design custom valet parking solutions to suit the unique needs of your shopping center. For the convenience of shoppers, valet pick up and drop off can be located at different locations and patrons can choose among various pick-up options.For mall restaurants, Zenith Valet has created validation programs that make it easier for restaurant guests to get in and out of a busy parking lot without the task of hunting for a space.

Hospitals & Health Care

When visiting a loved one or rushing an ailing patient to the emergency room, the last thing your guests want to think about is parking. Choose Zenith Valet for convenient and reliable hospital parking solutions.

Whether it is assisting with baggage and directions or helping a new mother into her vehicle, Zenith Valet takes pride in offering your patients and guests the very best care and service possible. Specialized training equips our professional valets to meet the unique parking needs of health care institutions.

Our healthcare parking services include:
  • Valet parking
  • Greeter
  • Wheelchair assistant
  • Guest services
  • Patient & staff shuttle services
  • Parking management services


Specialized hospital valet training
Zenith Valet’s hospital valets and parking attendants undergo specialized training to ensure they maintain the high standards of visitor care and confidentiality. Our health care valets can be held to the JCAHO and HIPAA standards addressed in their training.